Interpreter on horseback


Would you like to know more about Abyssinian ponies? (and mules). You can read here an article about Equus Ethiopia, the horse trekking company I ran near Addis Ababa:

Et in Arcadia Ego: Riding in Uthiopia

And here are a few historical facts about horse riding in Ethiopia:

Out of Ethiopia

A Youtube video of some Abyssinian ponies drinking in a stream near Addis Ababa:

Abyssinian ponies in Solulta

A brief overview of horse breeds on wikipedia, and  a genetic study.



Horse riding/trekking in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia

For horse riding near Addis, you can give Lance a call on 09 11 82 58 82. His place is in the countryside just 20 kms from the capital near the small town of Menagesha on the Ambo road. You can also find Lance at the Garden Paradise restaurant that he owns, near Old Airport/Vatican.

Another place to go riding in the capital is Beka Ferda, which is even closer to  Addis, in the hills above the city.


For treks in Bale,  you can get in touch with Mark Chapman from Tesfa Tours . Mark is also a stalwart of the Addis Ababa polo club – so he knows everybody in town with an interest in horses.


Marc can organise the trek for you, and also has good saddles and camping equipment. You can organise it yourself – but that will mean using local saddles.


Another place is the horse riding in Lephis, near Langano. Again, you can organise this independently, but I suggest going through Mark.


And for a great mule ride on the Guassa Plateau, book here: contact (and read more about mule trekking in Guassa here).
The old Bekele Mola resort in Lake Langano, now Simbo resort, have some nice horses too.


If you’re interested in horse riding in Addis, you can go to the stables in Jan Meda, the ‘Balderas’ stables near CMC, or the Equestrian Club in old Airport.