The Abyssinian Syllabary @ the Alliance Ethio-Française

[የግዕዝ ፈደላት]



  Ethiopia in 33 Syllables


[Lien : Extraits du Syllabaire Abyssin en français]




The Abyssinian Syllabary—An exhibition carried out with the support of the French Embassy in Ethiopia & the Alliance Ethio-Française.



Special thanks to Hubert Tardy-Joubert and to Christian Merer, for their early decision to place their trust in what was little more than a sketch on a napkin at the time—without their commitment , the Syllabary would have remained lettre morte.

Thank you to Lucie James and to Ermiyas Yohannes for their diligence, which assured the success of the event.

Michel Aliprandini is a meticulous editor, possessed of a sound litterary judgement.

Lydia Stranger listened patiently,  as each Abyssinian character took shape over several years—without her, there never would have been an ‘Ethiopian’ life in the first place.

 Un grand merci à Mekdela Mekuria, for his oratory talents and for stepping up at short notice with such aplomb.

Thank you, aussi, to Daniel Seyoum, both  for his photographic skills, as well as his ability to  source a bottle of ouzo at a time of need.



All photographs: Daniel Seyoum