Qene Poetry

How to Translate Amharic Poems

African Train

“Hugues Fontaine’s blog, originally centred on his book African Train, and further developed around ancient Ethiopian photography.”


“The ETHIOMAP website combines online visualization and indexation tools to explore and study a collection of historical maps of northeastern African territories.”

Un Oeil sur la Corne/An Eye on the Horn

“Le blog scientifique du Centre français des études éthiopiennes (Addis-Abeba) / The scientific blog of the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies (Addis Ababa).”

Vintage Addis Ababa

“Vintage Addis Ababa collects old photographs from private archives to create visual memories for current and future generation. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram and contribute to the archive.”

Richard Pankhurst

“Professor Richard Pankhurst’s historical and cultural writings on Ethiopia. ”

Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa in ancient photography

“This blog, coordinated by Serge DEWEL (PhD Modern History of Ethiopia), is dedicated to the photography of early times in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa. It specially focuses to the pre-WW II period.”

Encounters Between Ethiopia and Europe, 1400–1660 (very thorough historic study by Matteo Salvadore)

“By the early 1400s, diplomatic representatives and pilgrims from the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia had traveled to the Italian peninsula for political and religious reasons. In doing so, they inaugurated an era of Ethiopian–European relations that unfolded for more than 200 years: Ethiopians reached multiple locales across Latin Europe to forge political alliances, acquire technology, and pursue religious knowledge.”